[Icehouse] Suggestions for future Icehouse Game Design Competitions

Dale Sheldon dales at digitalfreaks.org
Wed Nov 4 15:38:02 EST 2009

On Wed, 4 Nov 2009, David Artman wrote:

> it's VERY feedback- and collaboration-oriented, with group assignments. 
> It also isn't locked to a "end" date--one can get "badges" for 
> completing a game at any number of time stages, up to a year (I don't 
> like this notion for IGDC, by the way). And it's very, VERY much about 
> finishing a game, not "winning," like Nanowrimo. I think we might want 
> to re-evaluate the IGDC after this next one in 2010 (earliest it's 
> likely to be complete, it being November already).

Maybe we should be less like a science fair, and more like the academy 
awards? Instead of "here's the submit window", rather go with "anything 
that came out in the last year is up for consideration".

Dale Sheldon
dales at digitalfreaks.org

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