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Scotto scott_vonberg at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 22 13:49:01 EDT 2007

Hello everyone, 

I've been reading the list for the last week or three, and figured I'd poke my nose out of lurking and actually introduce myself. 

I think I'll cheat a little and modify my bio page from the Looney Labs Rabbit Roster. (Username Scottobear - actual name Scott von Berg)

I'm a longtime player of Fluxx (about 8-10 years now), and have recently become interested in
Treehouse... I suspect that 3House and other pyramidal games will be
soon to follow! Chrononauts is our most recent Looney Game, and we're
already quite enthusiastic about it. I've been telling all of my
friends both on and off line about the Labs for ages...now that I'm
married and living with a person who loves games, we've been building
up our parlor-games closet and inviting pals over for a game night
whenever we can. Since we started in December 2006, I suspect that
we've hooked about a half-dozen people on classic Fluxx, and Eco Fluxx
will probably draw even more into the fold. I guess that means you can
color me a Blab rabbit.

 I'm the head of IT for a company that focuses on transportation -
all things Boat, Train and Truck related. I'm left handed, lean to
colors that are forest green, rust or orange. My immediate family is
comprised of my wife Allison  and our two cats - long-fuzz-ears and cotton-ballish Black cat Pyewacket and shorter-haired Orange-Striped tabby Newton.


I do a little side programming, and would like one day to publish both computer and regular parlor games.

my livejournal is at - http://scottobear.livejournal.com

and our online cat-cam is at http://www.scottobear.com/newtcam/newtcam.html

Please feel free to visit, and let me know if you're up to play a game, or just want to say howdy!

I also game at http://superdupergames.org
 as scottobear.

Also- from the icehousegames wiki bio - 

Some Quick Notes:

 Lives in North Beach, MD, USA, Earth, Sol System, Milky Way.
 Loves Pyramids
current faves are Martian Coasters, Treehouse, Martian Chess, Penguin Soccer and Ice Age
 I want to playtest all Existing Games, with 3House in the forefront after we do the items in Playing with Pyramids
I just wanted to say hi, and say that I've been enjoying the group and games quite a bit. 

Incidentally, I discovered some java code at 


that mentions some source for martian chess amongst other things - has anyone compiled and run the software?

Thanks for reading, writing , and your community. 

Got a little couch potato? 
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