[Icehouse] Hello... and something for the Icehouse community

Tony Vigil tjvigil66 at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 24 21:56:04 EST 2005


I've recently discovered Icehouse games.  Unfortunately, I don't have my pyramids with me while visiting family over the holidays.  I had to improvise when I wanted to show the games to relatives, so I created a stackable pyramid template in Macromedia Freehand that only requires 5 folds & needs no glue or tape to stay together.

The PDF file contains 4 pages, one for each color (red, yellow, cyan & green).  Each page contains 15 pyramids (5 of each size).  Please feel free to use this file as you see fit.  They are very handy when plastic pyramids aren't available.


Have a great holiday season!

- Tony

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