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Fred Poutre cloven-fruit at juno.com
Tue Sep 18 10:29:07 EDT 2007

Well, good idea, but not mathematically correct.
Many 3 dimensional object can be defined by the two dimensional shapes
that when intersected at a 90 degree angle create the object.

A pyramid is the result of two triangles intersected at a 90 degree
A cube is the result of a two squares intersected at a 90 degree angle.
A sphere is the result of a two circles intersected at a 90 degree angle.

Try making the shapes from wire (they do have to be the same size of
course), and intersecting them at 90 degree angles.

A cylinder is really just the results of connecting two circles on
different y axis.
A cone is really just the results of connecting a circle to a point on
different y axis.
And there are other means of graphing either of those.

Triangle + Circle might work for Cone; but Circle + Square simply can not
work of Cylinder. Squares are defined by their 90 degree angles.
Cylinders do not have to be on the same y axis defining the 90 degree
angle ||.They can be tilted //.

It really is a very good idea, I have to think how to make it function
within the limitations of Fluxx.
Keep in mind that I majored in math, I have a particular love for
geometry, and that I am mathematically pissy about some things.

The Simple Machines are very well done.

Fred Poutre
Cloven Fruit Games
First, Math/Geometry Fluxx:
Goals:              Keepers required:
Cylinder            Square, Circle
Cone                Triangle, Circle
Pyramid            Square, Triangle
Sphere             Circle, []^3
Cube                Square, []^3
Tetrahedron       Triangle, []^3
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