The Origins Discussion list is an unmoderated listserv. We want it to be a happy place. We at Looney Labs wish to communicate the following list guidelines.

What topics are appropriate for the Origins Mailing List?

What is inappropriate behavior?
In order to maintain the Origins mailing list as a happy place, everyone is asked to refrain from insulting behavior, profanity, vulgarity, derogatory/defamatory/abusive/threatening/offensive remarks, blatant advertising for personal or corporate services, personal attacks, any form of harassment to members, disregard of members' privacy, or any illegal remarks. Looney Labs will inform anyone who is in violation in a personal email message and will ask him/her to refrain from any further egregious behaviors.

Flaming is not tolerated. A "flame" is an emotionally charged posting that may be seen as personally insulting or derogatory. Looney Labs insists that there will be NO FLAMING, EVER. Strong opinions, healthy disagreement and civil discussion are welcome, but flaming will not be tolerated. Offenders will be warned by Looney Labs and possibly put into moderation mode, and repeat offenses will result in the offender being removed from the list.

What is general list etiquette?

Who do I contact?
For administrative requests: Contact the listserv administrator at either origins-request at or empl13 at
For problems or questions relating to the mailing list: Contact Robin Vinopal at robin at
For on-topic questions and help: Contact us at event-support at

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